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Apple Huckleberry Pie recipe, perfect twist to an American tradition

Have you ever tried an Apple huckleberry pie recipe the perfect twist to an American tradition of Apple pie? One would say that you don’t mess with American tradition, like the baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie. We think sometimes twisting a tradition can create an even better “new tradition” like Apple Huckleberry pie. Gibson Mansion has taken a perfect apple pie recipe using huckleberry to create what we think will be a hit (baseball pun intended) to an American tradition!

Apple pie has always been an American favorite….who doesn’t LOVE apple pie! Huckleberries have always been a Montana favorite and a MUST have when coming to Big Sky Country! So why not mix the two?

Tom took the challenge with making the best Huckleberry Apple pie! It is sooo good we just had to share photos along with his masterpiece recipe.

gold charger with slice of huckleberry apple pie a'la mode Apple Huckleberry Pie Recipe


1 ½ cups Flour

½ cup shortening

1 tsp salt

¼- ½ cup  COLD water

Mix first 3 ingredients with a pastry blender, then add water slowly until is correct consistency


6-7 Granny smith apples (they are the best)

1TBSP lemon juice

½ cup sugar

¼ cup flour

½ tsp cinnamon

¼ c frozen huckleberries

In large mixing bowl add lemon juice first, then add all ingredients except Huckleberries. Mix until evenly coated.


½ cup softened butter

1 cup flour

2/3c brown sugar

1 TBSP sugar

Mix with Pastry blender until texture like oatmeal.

In crust lined pie dish add layer of apple mix, half of huckleberries, remaining apples then huckleberries. Top with topping layer. Bake at 400 degrees for 45-55 minutes. Serve with vanilla ice cream.


Remember don’t forget the ice cream…is truly is the “icing on the pie”.

Huckleberries are native to the pacific northwest with Montana having a wonderful supply. They only grow in the wild and can be found only at local farmers markets and road side stands. Plan a trip during the months of late June – September to stock up for this and many other yummy recipes that Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast has for you.


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