Missoula Wedding Venue Review

Missoula Wedding Reception at Gibson Mansion

It is always great to get feedback from our Brides and Grooms that have hosted their special day at the Mansion. What really tops it is when they go to the extra work and post a review online. Check out this TripAdvisor post on July 1, 2010.

We strive to make each one of our weddings unique and customized making their Wedding day a dream come true. Check out our photo gallery on weddings to see some of these events in action!

Have a Montana Wedding at Gibson Mansion

You have pictured your wedding hundreds of times. Perhaps it is something small – just your close friends and family. Or maybe you visualize something grandiose. Here at the Gibson Mansion, we have the ability to fulfill these dreams, and make that day memorable and enjoyable. Our inn in Missoula is ideal for indoor or outdoor events. The Victorian bed and breakfast has lovely parlors and living rooms with hardwood floor and stained glass for the indoor wedding. Or, a Montana wedding may take palace on the Veranda, Patio or Gazebo to enjoy mountain views and garden colors on a warm summer afternoon.Montana WeddingWe hope you will talk with us about holding your event here – we have four guestrooms that could be perfect for visiting family, or use the Master Room at our Montana bed and breakfast for your honeymoon night.

Paint job is done, let the Weddings begin

After over 8 lonnnggg months of scraping, sanding, and priming the Gibson Mansion Paint restoration work is complete.

In May of 2007 the crew of 6 began scraping and taking layers of 100 years of paint off and in some areas just sanding the bare wood. Of course it was also one of the hottest summers in Missoula, so being against a white house that draws heat and using heat guns it was a grueling task….but so worth it.

It went from every extreme with the weather, like I said the 105 degree days in the summer to finishing in the end of October in snow and freezing temperatures. I can honestly say I don’t remember a painting project where you had issues with it being too hot to paint and then to cold to paint.

The end result was beautiful, Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast now almost radiates with a shine so bright you have to wear sunglasses! It is amazing how it transformed all the ornate details of the exterior. They just don’t do that kind of craftsmanship anymore.

Weddings at the Mansion are by far more elegant with the renovations! It is wonderful to see the Historic mansion being used as a backdrop for outdoor wedding and special events.