Plowing Going to the Sun Highway Has Begun!

You know that spring is here when we start getting updates on the progress of plowing Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park!

Being a Montana native, I still am amazed how they are able to maintain this highway so that we all can look in awe at the beautiful country we live/travel in!


The question asked all the time is “when do you think Going to the Sun is going to be open”? That is the million dollar question, because it is always so much fun to be one of the first to go over the highway after a long winter slumber, but the answer is not so easy. All I can say is “they are working as fast as they can, but Mother nature always has her own plan”.

For those seeking the answer to this million dollar question, the best thing to do is to “like” Glacier National Park on Facebook and watch the progress, it will make the trip so much more impressive when you know how hard it is to clear and repair it every Spring.

First Snow Slide encountered, over 20' deep

Missoula Gateway to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks

Summer is the perfect time of year to get out and explore the great outdoors. Montana is ranked at the top for some of the best outdoor playgrounds with two National parks on its borders.

Northwest Montana is known for wildlife, Rugged Mountain scenes and Glacier National Park. The Park is celebrating its 100th year of magnificent Mountain peaks and glaciers, making it the perfect year to come and explore the endless beauty.

Continue to explore the Montana landscape and visit Yellowstone National Park on its southern border. Melting pots, pristine rivers, and wildlife abound in this wonderful park.

Many visitors find these two parks the perfect combination for their summer vacation. As you plan your route you will find that Missoula is situated half-way between these two treasures. This makes Missoula and our Inn the perfect resting point in your adventure. Missoula is known for its Arts, History, and love of diversity. Concerts in the parks, endless walking trails, smoke jumpers center, numerous museums, or local talent playing in the pubs there is always something taking place. Spend the evening exploring Missoula and then enjoy one of the many fabulous local restaurants.

Make this summer vacation a time of relaxing in Montana, you will wish you never had to go back to the city!