Yellow-headed Blackbirds arrive at Gibson Mansion

A new king of the bird feeder has been crowned! For the last 7 years the bird feeder at our B & B has had a definite hierarchy. The male Red Winged Black Birds have ruled the house with the sparrow and finches eating the seed thrown out to the peasants below. This last week we had our first Yellow-headed Blackbird and our Red Wings have resigned their throne and joined the peasants at the foot of the feeder.

The male Yellow-headed Blackbird has taken residence in the our poplar trees and love the daily supply of birdseed from our feeder. With the loud and exceedingly harsh call, they appear to be annoucing their kingdom and enjoy flying from one tree to the next surveying the land.

I love this time of year as we watch our migratory birds return to their summer grounds. The gardens are a symphony of bird calls with the variety of birds chiming in to announce their return. The Garden room by far has the best perch to watch and listen to them all, recline on the fainting couch in this room as you gaze out the large picture window into the gardens.

Missoula Children’s Theatre Presents Peter Pan

MCT opens this weekend with the musical production of Peter Pan. The MCT which is known for using local children and adults to produce high quality musicals and this current production just adds to that list. The production runs April 30-May 2, 5-9, 12-16,2010 with matinee’s on Saturday and Sunday’s.

The MCT threatre is located in the Historic Downtown Missoula and only 2 miles from our Missoula B & B. Enjoy a full evening by dining out at one of the many wonderful restaurants in our downtown, take in the play, and relax with a nightcap cocktail in the parlor of the Mansion or by the fire in your private quarters of the Master suite. Make it a weekend get-away and we can assist with dinner reservations, tickets, and other events happening in Missoula that weekend.

Meet Me in Missoula, May 7 – 9, 2010

If you have never attended Meet Me in Missoula , then don’t miss this one. Missoula seems to come out of its winter slumber and burst at the seams with arts and culture. Local businesses and event organizers have banded together to kick off the beginning of Missoula’s busy tourist season. With the return of green mountains surrounding our valley city, so also returns Farmers markets, First Friday Gallery Walk, and arts and cultural events spring to life. You’ll find several theater and music events from the Cabaret to the Symphony, the International wildlife Film festival to Peter Pan, it is all happening this weekend.

Experience the spring awakening, Meet Me at Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast and take in the weekend of festivities while enjoying the Luxuries of the Mansion.

Tulips in Bloom at Gibson Mansion

Spring has officially arrived at Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast! With arrival of summer like temperatures the early blooming tulips have opened in full glory. The gardens have some 800+ tulips that will bloom now until end of May (depending on our weather).

So come and spend a night at our Missoula Bed and Breakfast, enjoy a cup of coffee or afternoon refreshment in the gardens and take in natures art display first hand.

Jewel to return to Missoula with Star Light Cafe Tour

Jewel will be making a return appearance in Missoula this June 22 in the Historic Wilma theatre. Jewel last preformed in Missoula August of 2002, held in Caras Park. It is hard to beat the atmosphere of an outdoor concert along the river, but the Wilma Theatre will be a perfect spot to take in the solo acoustic guitar that Jewel is known for.

Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast is less then 2 miles to the Theatre, a straight shot down Higgins. The city bus stop is right outside our door, if you choose to save the hassle of trying to find a parking spot. Take in the Concert, enjoy the night life in the downtown area, and then stay with us for a quiet night sleep followed by a gourmet breakfast in the morning. Tickets go on sale April 23rd, get your ticket and book a room!

Missoula Marathon rated Best Overall Marathon

Voted upon by participants in some 400 Marathons held in the USA in 2009, Runners World award the Missoula Marathon Best Overall Marathon for 2009. Missoula is not up there in the name recognition like Boston or New York City, but what they do have is scenery and local charm. Runners love the start time temps in the low 50′s and a course that takes you through the forest, past the Clark Fork River, Majestic Mountains in the backdrop, and end in the heart of a small University town.

Missoulians love outdoor recreation and this just is another great event held in the Missoula valley. As you run the course you will be cheered on by local spectators holding signs, playing upbeat music, or even getting out the garden hose to give you a cool misting as you run past. The race ends in the Historic downtown with a celebration of food, folks, and fun.

Top this race off by staying at our Missoula B & B. We are less then 2 miles from the end of the race, we will accommodate your dietary needs so you are fueled for your race, and we can arrange for you to have a in room massage after the race to help loosen those stiff and fatigued muscles!

This years race is July 11,2010, we hope to see you then.

Springtime at Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Spring in Missoula is like an awakening of sleeping beauty. As I type this post I look out my window at snow capped Lolo Peak with a beautiful baby blue sky backdrop.

The morning view from my desk window!

The swallows, chickadees, and red wing blackbirds are announcing a new day that promises the warm spring sunshine. The air is brisk yet refreshing with the frost sparkling like diamonds as the morning sun rays begin to warm the landscape.

Squirrel checking the spring buds

Morning frost

Stepping out the door to take it all in.

With a hot cup of coffee in my hand I walk outside and breathe it all in. I look forward to a day of uncovering the fall and winter blankets on the gardens, allowing the spring flowers to awaken from their winter sleep.

Gibson Mansion’s Latest Breakfast Recipe

The new Asparagus and Egg on a Parmesan Toasted Croissant has been a big hit this spring. We thought it would be good to give you an updated photo from this new dish as the last one was the trial and did not look pretty.

Asparagus and eggs on a parmesan toasted croissant

We have customized this recipe as well so that the guests that prefer not to “wreck the diet” can still enjoy all of the flavors. We can prepare it in a lower calorie, lower carb, and heart healthy version. We use egg whites instead of the full egg and the new Oroweat multi-grain sandwich thin in place of the high calorie, but oh so tasty croissant. For any of you out there wanting a bread that is a good source of protein, fiber, and grains without a lot of calories this is a great substitute that tastes great, unlike most that taste like cardboard! Sorry just had to put in my healthy eating plug.

So the next recipe adventure is the stuffed huckleberry french toast. For those not familar with huckleberries they are a signature fruit from our area. They are smaller than a blueberry, but have a tart yet sweet taste…a treat that even the bears will fight for. Warning though this will be one recipe that will wreck the diet. Sometimes you just have to indulge, we promise it will be worth every calorie!

They just don’t make Stained glass windows like this anymore.

It takes a guest admiring the stained glass windows in the Mansion to remind me of the beauty and detail they have. It goes back to the idea that if you walk past something everyday and you will not see it anymore.

1903 stained glass window

The vibrant red tulips that are backed up by the greens showcase this magnificent window in our grand staircase. You wonder how anyone could not see this every time they walk past it and look in awe at the artistry. I am sorry to say that is happens to me a lot.

At Christmas when the 19′ Christmas tree is lit up, the stained glass window shines with spectacular colors that are seen from the passing cars. What a treasure for Missoulians.

The windows are original 1903 stained glass that survived the move of the Mansion from Gerald Ave to its present location on 39th St.

Stained glass window that was almost stolen

At the time of preparing the mansion for its move, it was discovered that the shorter window was loose on 3 sides. It was determined that someone was attempting to steal the window from the mansion. Thank goodness the movers realized this and decided that it would be best to remove this window and then re-install it at its new location.

Smart Car For Gibson Mansion

Showing the size of my New Smart

It’s about time I share some on the New Car. It is a dream come true for me after I fell in love with this little car about 6 years ago. Our daughter had seen the Smart while on a school trip to Germany and when I saw the pictures I new instantly that I wanted one for the Mansion. So July 28th, 2009 it became a reality. The only sad part was saying goodbye to our Chevy Astro Van that we traded in on the “Cash For Clunkers” program. Continue reading