New Breakfast Recipe

This is the time of year that we experiment with new breakfast recipes for the upcoming tourist season. I get my file folder where I have collected those torn out recipes from magazines, recipes scribbled on a napkin that someone gave to someone to give to us, or print outs off the computer from newsletters we received. I have collected them all in hopes of one day giving them a try.

The latest recipe to rise from that pile and get put into “Keepers” is asparagus and eggs on a Parmesan toasted baguette. That is at least how the recipe started. Like any other trial recipe we (notice how I take some credit for the creation…I did find the recipe) made it as the recipe directed. It was very tasty as you saute the asparagus in fresh rosemary and olive oil, OK we used dried because you cannot grow fresh this time of year. Then you toast the bread on the remaining rosemary oil. The only hard part with the enjoying of this breakfast is that it is somewhat difficult to cut. With the baguette loaf toasted, cutting with a ordinary table knife is a challenge.

First test run...tasted good just doesn't look pretty

But if any of you know Tom he never stays with the original recipe, he is always customizing it to be the perfect combination of flavors. While playing with these modifications and doing trial runs with our guest, Tom realized he needed to find a better bread selection or hand out our large wooded handled steak knives. This is kind of scary to hand to someone in the early morning hours, before the coffee has kicked in. So after playing with other bread choices, keeping in mind how it would present under the asparagus and eggs, it was settled on a flaky croissant.

You will have to wait until next week for the updated photo showing the new and improved “Asparagus and Eggs served on a Parmesan Crusted Croissant” a true Gibson Mansion original.

Bird and Breakfast?

Yesterday while cleaning our Garden room I heard a noise coming out of the Sunset room, which was suppose to be empty. I went in and found a Finch had made its way through
the open window and couldn’t figure out how to get out.
After many attempts to get out it found a resting place on the foot of the bed.

With my husband Tom’s help we were able to guide it out the window
where it quickly found its proper bed in one of our poplar trees.

Since purchasing the Gibson Mansion bed and breakfast I have been trying to attract different types of birds into the yard by planting shrubs, flowers, and trees that they are looking for. It has been fun to watch a yard that had no bird life to a place that the sounds of many different chirping calls can be heard.

I must say though when I was trying to attract them to our home I never expected them to actually check into our Bed and Breakfast!

Paint job is done, let the Weddings begin

After over 8 lonnnggg months of scraping, sanding, and priming the Gibson Mansion Paint restoration work is complete.

In May of 2007 the crew of 6 began scraping and taking layers of 100 years of paint off and in some areas just sanding the bare wood. Of course it was also one of the hottest summers in Missoula, so being against a white house that draws heat and using heat guns it was a grueling task….but so worth it.

It went from every extreme with the weather, like I said the 105 degree days in the summer to finishing in the end of October in snow and freezing temperatures. I can honestly say I don’t remember a painting project where you had issues with it being too hot to paint and then to cold to paint.

The end result was beautiful, Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast now almost radiates with a shine so bright you have to wear sunglasses! It is amazing how it transformed all the ornate details of the exterior. They just don’t do that kind of craftsmanship anymore.

Weddings at the Mansion are by far more elegant with the renovations! It is wonderful to see the Historic mansion being used as a backdrop for outdoor wedding and special events.