Things to do in Missoula

The most asked questions we get from our guests is….What do you recommend doing/seeing? This is what makes staying at a Bed and Breakfast so great. We as Innkeepers can give you one on one, customized advice by local residents. No offense to our local hotels, but usually you get a college student who is just working their way through school and has not grown up in Missoula or gotten out to be a tourist in the area. So when you ask this question more often than not you get very little ideas or input, let alone a person that is finding the best fit for you and your time.

We decided to run a “top things to see and do in Missoula” for our blog followers in hopes that we can give you some pre-arrival ideas. Here is idea #1.

Regardless of your outdoor adventure desires, all who come to Missoula love the Caras park area. This park is located in the heart of the historic downtown area right on the banks of the Clark Fork river. Things to do just in this area can fill a whole day or pick from the list and spend 1 -2 hours enjoying the park.

Stroll/run/bike along the miles of flat trials that line both sides of the river. This path is part of the old railroad tracks that has been converted into a perfect trail to watch the river and the wildlife that it supports. The trail is lined with benches along the way offering many places to relax. You will find these benches perfect spots to watch the Osprey fish the river, swallows on insect patrol, all types of ducks and geese teaching their young (depending on the time of year you are here) as well as beavers chewing on the aspens or taking a swim. If wildlife watching is not your thing then maybe people watching is. Brennan’s wave is a man made kayak wave, that no matter what time of year, you will most likely find a kayaker playing in the wave.

The Missoula carousel hosts local carved wooden horses painted by multiple local artists. Even if you do not take a ride to try and capture the golden ring this is a great place to see. If youngsters are traveling with you, then the Dragon Hollow Playground is right next door.

If you come in the summer, Wednesday lunchtime or Thursday evening you will find the park alive with a local band performing, people dancing, and great local food vendors. Saturday and Sunday this area is full with our local farmers market.

The atmosphere and feel this area brings helps you capture what it is that makes Missoula a great place to visit and wish that you were staying longer.

Summer in Missoula

Peyton playing in the river

Peyton playing in the river

Wow I cannot believe how fast the time is going…It was just May yesterday right?

Summer in Missoula reminds me why I live here. The area is full of all variety of outdoor activities, so much so that you have too many things to do and you cannot do them all! From outdoor concerts down in Caras park, right at the rivers edge, to our semi-pro baseball team, The Osprey (did I mention there field is also right on the Clark Fork river banks?), to grabbing an inner tub and a cool beverage and floating one of the 3 major rivers running through town. If you do not feel like getting in the water yourself you can watch from the observation deck kayak’s on Brennan’s wave. That is just a snip-it of what all there is to do.

The people of Missoula are what make this place great! It is a very giving community that likes to combine the outdoor fun with fundraising for the local non-profit groups. We have our bike for shelters, where it promotes families biking through the Missoula valley and at the same time raising awareness and funds for the local Missoula Watson’s Children’s Center that cares for small children that are removed from unsafe homes. This is just one of the many events that helps out our Missoula community while promoting fitness and the great outdoors.

Missoula has also hit it off with our Marathon that is held in July. It is so fun to see people coming in from all areas, but more so, to watch local Missoulians going out and completing a race they never would have thought they could do, or would travel to participate in.

This is why it is so hard to find time to blog…with the early sunrises and late sunsets who wants to be at a computer monitor when there is fun to be had! So hopefully you are enjoy the summer as much as we are….if not jump in a car/plane/train/bike whatever it takes and come enjoy Missoula with me!