New Breakfast Recipe

This is the time of year that we experiment with new breakfast recipes for the upcoming tourist season. I get my file folder where I have collected those torn out recipes from magazines, recipes scribbled on a napkin that someone gave to someone to give to us, or print outs off the computer from newsletters we received. I have collected them all in hopes of one day giving them a try.

The latest recipe to rise from that pile and get put into “Keepers” is asparagus and eggs on a Parmesan toasted baguette. That is at least how the recipe started. Like any other trial recipe we (notice how I take some credit for the creation…I did find the recipe) made it as the recipe directed. It was very tasty as you saute the asparagus in fresh rosemary and olive oil, OK we used dried because you cannot grow fresh this time of year. Then you toast the bread on the remaining rosemary oil. The only hard part with the enjoying of this breakfast is that it is somewhat difficult to cut. With the baguette loaf toasted, cutting with a ordinary table knife is a challenge.

First test run...tasted good just doesn't look pretty

But if any of you know Tom he never stays with the original recipe, he is always customizing it to be the perfect combination of flavors. While playing with these modifications and doing trial runs with our guest, Tom realized he needed to find a better bread selection or hand out our large wooded handled steak knives. This is kind of scary to hand to someone in the early morning hours, before the coffee has kicked in. So after playing with other bread choices, keeping in mind how it would present under the asparagus and eggs, it was settled on a flaky croissant.

You will have to wait until next week for the updated photo showing the new and improved “Asparagus and Eggs served on a Parmesan Crusted Croissant” a true Gibson Mansion original.

They just don’t make Stained glass windows like this anymore.

It takes a guest admiring the stained glass windows in the Mansion to remind me of the beauty and detail they have. It goes back to the idea that if you walk past something everyday and you will not see it anymore.

1903 stained glass window

The vibrant red tulips that are backed up by the greens showcase this magnificent window in our grand staircase. You wonder how anyone could not see this every time they walk past it and look in awe at the artistry. I am sorry to say that is happens to me a lot.

At Christmas when the 19′ Christmas tree is lit up, the stained glass window shines with spectacular colors that are seen from the passing cars. What a treasure for Missoulians.

The windows are original 1903 stained glass that survived the move of the Mansion from Gerald Ave to its present location on 39th St.

Stained glass window that was almost stolen

At the time of preparing the mansion for its move, it was discovered that the shorter window was loose on 3 sides. It was determined that someone was attempting to steal the window from the mansion. Thank goodness the movers realized this and decided that it would be best to remove this window and then re-install it at its new location.

Smart Car For Gibson Mansion

Showing the size of my New Smart

It’s about time I share some on the New Car. It is a dream come true for me after I fell in love with this little car about 6 years ago. Our daughter had seen the Smart while on a school trip to Germany and when I saw the pictures I new instantly that I wanted one for the Mansion. So July 28th, 2009 it became a reality. The only sad part was saying goodbye to our Chevy Astro Van that we traded in on the “Cash For Clunkers” program. Continue reading

Hiking in Montana…Winter or Spring??

Hiking in Montana

It was a beautiful February day, clear skies and the temperatures in the mid 50′s…that is correct 50′s. Sad to say our snow pack levels are wwwaaayy down and with the warm weather, Tom and I were anxious to hit some of our favorite mountain trails. We didn’t know if we could make it to the trailhead in our Smart car, but figured is was a nice day for a drive and would go as far on the forest service road as we could.

Well to our surprise and pleasure we were able to drive to the trail head with no troubles. Like I said it is scary because we should not be able to get a non 4 wheel drive vehicle to that elevation, 5,000 ft at trailhead, in February! Continue reading

Christmas at Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast Christmas

Wow wasn’t it just the Christmas Season?? Tom and I survived another whirlwind December with office Christmas Parties and private Dinners. It is such a different routine than our “normal lives” of running the BnB. We have a lot of fun cooking something other than breakfast dishes, Though we have a true appreciation for caterers and how hard they work, my feet are always glad when the day is done!! Continue reading

Historic sites of Missoula

Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast built in 1903 is one of many Historic mansions in Missoula Montana. This home was relocated from it’s original location of 817 Gerald Ave. to 823 39th Street in 1979. Because of this move out of the original district, it currnently does not qualify for the National Historic Registry.

Summer in Missoula

Peyton playing in the river

Peyton playing in the river

Wow I cannot believe how fast the time is going…It was just May yesterday right?

Summer in Missoula reminds me why I live here. The area is full of all variety of outdoor activities, so much so that you have too many things to do and you cannot do them all! From outdoor concerts down in Caras park, right at the rivers edge, to our semi-pro baseball team, The Osprey (did I mention there field is also right on the Clark Fork river banks?), to grabbing an inner tub and a cool beverage and floating one of the 3 major rivers running through town. If you do not feel like getting in the water yourself you can watch from the observation deck kayak’s on Brennan’s wave. That is just a snip-it of what all there is to do.

The people of Missoula are what make this place great! It is a very giving community that likes to combine the outdoor fun with fundraising for the local non-profit groups. We have our bike for shelters, where it promotes families biking through the Missoula valley and at the same time raising awareness and funds for the local Missoula Watson’s Children’s Center that cares for small children that are removed from unsafe homes. This is just one of the many events that helps out our Missoula community while promoting fitness and the great outdoors.

Missoula has also hit it off with our Marathon that is held in July. It is so fun to see people coming in from all areas, but more so, to watch local Missoulians going out and completing a race they never would have thought they could do, or would travel to participate in.

This is why it is so hard to find time to blog…with the early sunrises and late sunsets who wants to be at a computer monitor when there is fun to be had! So hopefully you are enjoy the summer as much as we are….if not jump in a car/plane/train/bike whatever it takes and come enjoy Missoula with me!

Graduation Season is Here

Deanna's Moment

Deanna's Moment

Over the years we have hosted many families celebrating their sons/daughters graduation from the University of Montana. It is a joyous event, with the parents beaming from ear to ear as they see their child achieve this academic honor. This year was no different in that respect. We had Mom and Dad, Grandma’s from both sides, and the Aunt as well. The house was a buzz with laughter and celebration over their family members big day.

The difference this year was that Tom and I were not around to enjoy and personally host this weekends festivities. Tom and I stepped into the role that we have observed from the sidelines, becoming the grinning and proud parents of a graduate. Our baby graduated from University of Puget sound this past weekend!

It was a grand weekend with mother nature even smiling down on us…beautiful sunny weather in Tacoma,WA…that can be a rare event in itself. As the weekend unfolded with all of the different activities and ceremonies, I found myself reflecting on the past 21 years of my baby’s life. The good and the bad, the ups and downs and to see her now as a young women ready to take on the next journey of her life. I understood the actions I had observed over the years from other parents who had stayed with us. The smile on the face, yet the hint of misty eyes. As we came to the finale of the actual graduation ceremony, I sat in the grand stands and watched as all of our “baby’s” marched in with there black gowns and mortar boards….and yes the misty eyes were everywhere…but also to see grown adults jumping up and down and frantically waving at the sea of graduates trying to get the attention of their baby. It made me realize how we as parents will go to any measure to be apart of our children’s lives even if it means cheering from the sidelines. We are no longer in the director of children’s lives, those years are gone, but instead we are the cheerleaders in there future.

So Congratulations to our you graduates of the classes of 2009, but also congratulations to all you fellow parents out there for your graduation to the sideline.

Greenhouse has sprouted!

Greenhouse 2009Despite the cold Missoula spring this year, nature is working overtime in the greenhouse. This year is the biggest crop ever, with 49 flats planted and growing like weeds? One mans weeds are another ones flowers right?

You would think I would have made it an even 50 trays, but the shelves are bursting as is. It always amazes me to plant a seed that is so tiny you cannot pick up just one at a time and then by the end of the summer it is 2 foot tall!

Every year I plant my usual 300 plus zinna’s of all varieties. Then they are the other stables of asters, sunflowers (pollen-less as to not make such a mess on the tables when brought into the house), snap dragons, marigolds (something the deer do not eat), alyssum, black eyed susan vines, bachelor buttons, comos…and the list goes on. I try a new flower every year and this year it is called 4 o’clock. I know really nothing about them so it will be interested to see how they do. It is always fun to see a new style of leaf sprouting.

We have reached all 50!

It has finally happened….today our guest checked in from Delaware. That means Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast has had guests from all 50 States!

As we opened for business in June 2001, we decided to keep track with our Large US map of where all our guests have come from. At the end of our first year we have 80% of the States represented and were amazed. The next couple of years filled in all but one lonely State…Delaware. We have been in a holding pattern for over 2 years waiting for that guest to arrive.

So now we are looking International, with our first goal of having a guest from each continent and then one from each country. We will need to check into it and see how we are today on that goal and let you know. We can tell you this…it has been a great time getting to know people from every part of the world!