In Room Massages Now Availabe At Gibson Mansion


We are pleased to announce a new service we have added to ensure our guests experience is the ultimate luxury stay!

Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast has contracted with one of Missoula’s top day spa to offer in room massages for guests who stay in our Master Suite or Sunset Room. With only soft candle light and the tranquil music, this therapeutic treatment is the perfect way to start your Montana get-away!

Select our Master Suite and we offer an additional massage therapy option. The Side by Side Candlelight Massage offers couples the prefect way to experience a romantic escape from your busy everyday lives. Enjoy this massage which takes place within the suite with the soft glow of candles, then once your massage is complete relax in the comforts of this room with the added glow from the in room fireplace. This is the perfect combination to begin your romantic stay in our luxurious suite.

Book today and make sure to include one of these wonderful enhancements to your stay!

Updates on the Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast Gardens

Sad to say the tulips season at the Mansion is coming to a close. This year was spectacular with the addition of almost 800 bulbs in the new cutting gardens along with the established 600 plus in the back gardens. The guests enjoyed overlooking all the colors and varieties while they relaxed in the library, as well as enjoying the fresh cut ones in their rooms.


With our temperatures warming signs of summer are now entering the gardens. Just this week the iris have begun their wonderful display, this is a photo of one of our varieties that a guest donated from her garden to ours. What a treasure! The Lilacs are openings and enhancing not only the sense of sight but also the sense of smell. Mixed with our fresh Montana air, it doesn’t get much better.

This year we added a new peony bed that greet our guests as they enter the drive way. With 4 varieties and colors it is a wonderful array of color. Pictures just do not do them justice, you will just have to make a trip to Missoula and see them for yourselves. Don’t wait to long….or you will miss them.


The Place to Stay While in Missoula

A Tour of Gibson Mansion Bed And Breakfast Slideshow: Gibson’s trip to Missoula, Montana, United States was created by TripAdvisor. See another Missoula slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.

Check out the new video we just made on Tripadvisor! What a great way to both read reviews from our guests as well as see what you get when you stay with us.

The next time your travels brings you to Missoula don’t forget to book your stay with us.

Earth Friendly Lodging in Missoula

In honor of Earth Day we thought we would let our readers know that Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast is always looking at ways to decrease our footprint.

Four years ago we started recycling all table water from our meals that we served. We were amazed at the amount of water that we were able to re-use to water house plants and outside planters. This made us passionate about trying not to “throw” water down the drain but instead continue the life of it by giving plants a drink, or in some cases refilling the Mansion Dog’s water dish. We now are able to water the majority of our 18+ planters/hanging baskets that we have with this recycled water.

So this year to continue our recycling water idea we have installed 4 wine barrels to collect our rain water from the gutters. We are excited to see how much water we can recapture to water the gardens through out our summer months.

Gibson Mansion is committed to saving our natural resources and limit the amount of waste we produce. We hope that when you are in Missoula you will be able to stay with us and enjoy our natural beauty as well as join with us in recycling and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Have a Montana Wedding at Gibson Mansion

You have pictured your wedding hundreds of times. Perhaps it is something small – just your close friends and family. Or maybe you visualize something grandiose. Here at the Gibson Mansion, we have the ability to fulfill these dreams, and make that day memorable and enjoyable. Our inn in Missoula is ideal for indoor or outdoor events. The Victorian bed and breakfast has lovely parlors and living rooms with hardwood floor and stained glass for the indoor wedding. Or, a Montana wedding may take palace on the Veranda, Patio or Gazebo to enjoy mountain views and garden colors on a warm summer afternoon.Montana WeddingWe hope you will talk with us about holding your event here – we have four guestrooms that could be perfect for visiting family, or use the Master Room at our Montana bed and breakfast for your honeymoon night.

They just don’t make Stained glass windows like this anymore.

It takes a guest admiring the stained glass windows in the Mansion to remind me of the beauty and detail they have. It goes back to the idea that if you walk past something everyday and you will not see it anymore.

1903 stained glass window

The vibrant red tulips that are backed up by the greens showcase this magnificent window in our grand staircase. You wonder how anyone could not see this every time they walk past it and look in awe at the artistry. I am sorry to say that is happens to me a lot.

At Christmas when the 19′ Christmas tree is lit up, the stained glass window shines with spectacular colors that are seen from the passing cars. What a treasure for Missoulians.

The windows are original 1903 stained glass that survived the move of the Mansion from Gerald Ave to its present location on 39th St.

Stained glass window that was almost stolen

At the time of preparing the mansion for its move, it was discovered that the shorter window was loose on 3 sides. It was determined that someone was attempting to steal the window from the mansion. Thank goodness the movers realized this and decided that it would be best to remove this window and then re-install it at its new location.

Greenhouse has sprouted!

Greenhouse 2009Despite the cold Missoula spring this year, nature is working overtime in the greenhouse. This year is the biggest crop ever, with 49 flats planted and growing like weeds? One mans weeds are another ones flowers right?

You would think I would have made it an even 50 trays, but the shelves are bursting as is. It always amazes me to plant a seed that is so tiny you cannot pick up just one at a time and then by the end of the summer it is 2 foot tall!

Every year I plant my usual 300 plus zinna’s of all varieties. Then they are the other stables of asters, sunflowers (pollen-less as to not make such a mess on the tables when brought into the house), snap dragons, marigolds (something the deer do not eat), alyssum, black eyed susan vines, bachelor buttons, comos…and the list goes on. I try a new flower every year and this year it is called 4 o’clock. I know really nothing about them so it will be interested to see how they do. It is always fun to see a new style of leaf sprouting.

We have reached all 50!

It has finally happened….today our guest checked in from Delaware. That means Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast has had guests from all 50 States!

As we opened for business in June 2001, we decided to keep track with our Large US map of where all our guests have come from. At the end of our first year we have 80% of the States represented and were amazed. The next couple of years filled in all but one lonely State…Delaware. We have been in a holding pattern for over 2 years waiting for that guest to arrive.

So now we are looking International, with our first goal of having a guest from each continent and then one from each country. We will need to check into it and see how we are today on that goal and let you know. We can tell you this…it has been a great time getting to know people from every part of the world!

Bird and Breakfast?

Yesterday while cleaning our Garden room I heard a noise coming out of the Sunset room, which was suppose to be empty. I went in and found a Finch had made its way through
the open window and couldn’t figure out how to get out.
After many attempts to get out it found a resting place on the foot of the bed.

With my husband Tom’s help we were able to guide it out the window
where it quickly found its proper bed in one of our poplar trees.

Since purchasing the Gibson Mansion bed and breakfast I have been trying to attract different types of birds into the yard by planting shrubs, flowers, and trees that they are looking for. It has been fun to watch a yard that had no bird life to a place that the sounds of many different chirping calls can be heard.

I must say though when I was trying to attract them to our home I never expected them to actually check into our Bed and Breakfast!