Alaska Airlines Montana on Sale

If you have been looking for a good reason to visit Gibson Mansion you don’t need to wait any longer! Alaska Airlines Announces Montana on Sale — Starting at $127* spacer To kick off our new seasonal Portland to Montana flights, we’ve introduced some fantastic savings within the Pacific Northwest to our Montana destinations starting at $127.

So book your flight and a room at Gibson Mansion and let the relaxation take over. Fresh scones and full breakfast will fuel you for a day on the town or just enjoy the luxury of your room.

Winter Traveling, Montana Style

Winter has come to Montana and though many may say it is a time to hibernate with the bears, we say don’t miss this wonderful winter wonderland!

Montana has so much to offer to the winter traveler, all you have to decide is how much of an adrenaline rush are you wanting that day. If you are feeling like a relaxing tranquil day, then a simple walking path along the many streams or rivers is the perfect match. Some may be looking for more of a rush, if this is your desire then a back country snowmobile adventure is right up your alley.

Recently our local Glacier Country Tourism took a group on this style of Montana winter adventure. Check out the article December 6,2010 on Glacier Montana Facebook page, titled “Winter Travel Pleasures Montana Style” .

Fly or drive to Missoula, spend the night relaxing in our victorian Montana Mansion. After a great night sleep begin your winter adventure into our breath taking back country or enjoying peaceful cross country skiing less then 5 minutes from our door.

Missoula Wedding Venue Review

Missoula Wedding Reception at Gibson Mansion

It is always great to get feedback from our Brides and Grooms that have hosted their special day at the Mansion. What really tops it is when they go to the extra work and post a review online. Check out this TripAdvisor post on July 1, 2010.

We strive to make each one of our weddings unique and customized making their Wedding day a dream come true. Check out our photo gallery on weddings to see some of these events in action!

University of Montana Football

Many words have tired to describe football season in Missoula. Electric, passionate, contagious. However you describe it nothing compares to experiencing it first hand. The Washington Grizzly Stadium hosts over 25,000 spectators making it the largest stadium in the FCS division, and a design that makes every seat a perfect vantage spot. The stadium is just a part of the experience of game day. Kick it all off with tailgate parties lining Campus drive, a sea of maroon apparel, tons of food, and dedicated fans. The University of Montana prides itself on a action packed game, but the pre-game show is also a crowd pleaser. Whether it be Monte and his pranks, the U of M marching band, or the silver-tip skydivers dropping in on the 50 yard line carrying the American flag for presenting of the colors. Some games you will be rocked from you seat as the Blue Angels do their traditional fly by. After the game the Missoula downtown is alive with fans enjoy the many pubs and fine dining it has to offer. All of this makes for a perfect fall weekend getaway to Missoula.

What to do in Missoula

Continuing the series of things to do in Missoula another favorite activity is the Missoula Smokejumpers Visitor Center. The Smokejumper Visitor Center is the largest active smokejumper base in the nation. The visitor center allows to learn about this unusual, demanding and sometimes deadly occupation. As you walk through the center you will visit the National Smokejumper Memorial, go inside a replica of a 1930′s lookout tower, and a tour of the smokejumper loft, where the smokejumpers work when they are not fighting fires. You can also tour the ready room and load masters room where the smokejumpers prepare for fire calls.

The center is a great addition to your agenda during your Missoula stay, being such a specialty, you will not find a better place to learn about wild-land fires and art of fighting them.

The visitor center is located just past the Missoula International Airport on Hwy 10. Tours are available at 10:00am and 11:00am, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, and 4:00pm daily. This tour is free of charge. During the winter call at least 2 days ahead for appointment and reservation, 406-329-4972 mailbox 1 or 406-329-4900.

Things to do around Missoula

To continue with the suggestions of things to see and do in Missoula, we recommend a trip to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Majority of our guests say they booked a trip to Montana to see the great outdoors, but more specific they hope to view wildlife…from a safe distance. Montana has a wide variety of wildlife to view but depending on your route and timing it can be hit or miss. With this tour you can see some of that favorite animals, in a safe and controlled environment.

The Elk Country Visitor Center features hands-on conservation and hunting heritage exhibits for all ages. The Center also includes a Lewis and Clark display, a western wildlife diorama, and a state of the art conservation theater. Making this stop more the just another museum tour. You leave feeling like you took a walk through some of the most popular wildlife habits in North America.

The best part is this center is free to the public and open year round, unlike other attractions you don’t have to worry about it being closed during the off season.

Things to do in Missoula

The most asked questions we get from our guests is….What do you recommend doing/seeing? This is what makes staying at a Bed and Breakfast so great. We as Innkeepers can give you one on one, customized advice by local residents. No offense to our local hotels, but usually you get a college student who is just working their way through school and has not grown up in Missoula or gotten out to be a tourist in the area. So when you ask this question more often than not you get very little ideas or input, let alone a person that is finding the best fit for you and your time.

We decided to run a “top things to see and do in Missoula” for our blog followers in hopes that we can give you some pre-arrival ideas. Here is idea #1.

Regardless of your outdoor adventure desires, all who come to Missoula love the Caras park area. This park is located in the heart of the historic downtown area right on the banks of the Clark Fork river. Things to do just in this area can fill a whole day or pick from the list and spend 1 -2 hours enjoying the park.

Stroll/run/bike along the miles of flat trials that line both sides of the river. This path is part of the old railroad tracks that has been converted into a perfect trail to watch the river and the wildlife that it supports. The trail is lined with benches along the way offering many places to relax. You will find these benches perfect spots to watch the Osprey fish the river, swallows on insect patrol, all types of ducks and geese teaching their young (depending on the time of year you are here) as well as beavers chewing on the aspens or taking a swim. If wildlife watching is not your thing then maybe people watching is. Brennan’s wave is a man made kayak wave, that no matter what time of year, you will most likely find a kayaker playing in the wave.

The Missoula carousel hosts local carved wooden horses painted by multiple local artists. Even if you do not take a ride to try and capture the golden ring this is a great place to see. If youngsters are traveling with you, then the Dragon Hollow Playground is right next door.

If you come in the summer, Wednesday lunchtime or Thursday evening you will find the park alive with a local band performing, people dancing, and great local food vendors. Saturday and Sunday this area is full with our local farmers market.

The atmosphere and feel this area brings helps you capture what it is that makes Missoula a great place to visit and wish that you were staying longer.

Motorcycle Rides through Montana

Summer is a perfect time for a motorcycle trip through Big Sky Country. With smaller highways that meander through mountain ranges, follow the river curves, or cut through the grain fields and pasture lands it a place to unwind, lean back and enjoy the summer breezes with breath taking scenery. You will not find 5 lane highways and traffic jams to worry about but instead small towns with local flare and unhurried lifestyle to help you loosen up those tight muscles you get from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city.

Gibson Mansion prides itself in giving our Motorcycle guest preferential treatment. We know how your bikes are your pride and joy and we like to pamper them as well as you when you stay with us. So we offer you a choice in parking, either in our secure gated drive or right up on our porch!

After a long ride through the country side you may want to just relax in our private gardens. We can recommend and line you out with one of the many local restaurants that will deliver dinner right to you. Feel like going out? Not a problem we can call a cab so your bike can rest and you can let someone else do the driving for the evening. Does your bike need a little TLC tune up? Missoula Harley-Davidson can help get your bike in tip top shape.

Fuel yourself for another day of exploring Montana with our coffee/tea tray with fresh baked scones brought to your room and then a full gourmet breakfast in the dining room, all at the time you select.

Don’t let summer escape without seeing the Big Sky, plan your route and book your room it is that easy.

Missoula Gateway to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks

Summer is the perfect time of year to get out and explore the great outdoors. Montana is ranked at the top for some of the best outdoor playgrounds with two National parks on its borders.

Northwest Montana is known for wildlife, Rugged Mountain scenes and Glacier National Park. The Park is celebrating its 100th year of magnificent Mountain peaks and glaciers, making it the perfect year to come and explore the endless beauty.

Continue to explore the Montana landscape and visit Yellowstone National Park on its southern border. Melting pots, pristine rivers, and wildlife abound in this wonderful park.

Many visitors find these two parks the perfect combination for their summer vacation. As you plan your route you will find that Missoula is situated half-way between these two treasures. This makes Missoula and our Inn the perfect resting point in your adventure. Missoula is known for its Arts, History, and love of diversity. Concerts in the parks, endless walking trails, smoke jumpers center, numerous museums, or local talent playing in the pubs there is always something taking place. Spend the evening exploring Missoula and then enjoy one of the many fabulous local restaurants.

Make this summer vacation a time of relaxing in Montana, you will wish you never had to go back to the city!

Have a Montana Wedding at Gibson Mansion

You have pictured your wedding hundreds of times. Perhaps it is something small – just your close friends and family. Or maybe you visualize something grandiose. Here at the Gibson Mansion, we have the ability to fulfill these dreams, and make that day memorable and enjoyable. Our inn in Missoula is ideal for indoor or outdoor events. The Victorian bed and breakfast has lovely parlors and living rooms with hardwood floor and stained glass for the indoor wedding. Or, a Montana wedding may take palace on the Veranda, Patio or Gazebo to enjoy mountain views and garden colors on a warm summer afternoon.Montana WeddingWe hope you will talk with us about holding your event here – we have four guestrooms that could be perfect for visiting family, or use the Master Room at our Montana bed and breakfast for your honeymoon night.