Garden Room at Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast

As a great scholar once said, “If you are not changing then you are dead“. Well that may sound harsh but in our business we feel that if we are not continually changing with our guests needs we will not longer be around as well!

We recently changed our Garden room to meet the needs of our travelers. We have added 2  sitting chairs and coffee table to replace our Fainting couch. This is a wonderful improvement to the pretty but not so comfortable fainting couch.

We also took out the large floor AC unit and replaced it with a new split AC/Heat wall unit above the king size bed. This gives a quiet whisper of temperature comfort in comparison to the old unit.

We took out the oval damask patterned area rugs and replaced them with a plush more modern leaf pattern to go with the garden room theme.

Excited for your guests to enjoy these new changes, we are wanting to give you a glimpse of of the comfort and feel before the professional photographer comes to capture it for our website. Remember we are not professional videographers, but it will give you an idea how the room has changed!

In case you forgot what the room used to look like, check out the Garden room on our website and while you are there book a night and experience the changes first hand!

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