Missoula Outdoor Concerts at Osprey Ball Park

We are continuing with our series on 2011 Summer concerts in Missoula, Montana.

The venue location that is becoming a favorite among concert fans is also home to our local Missoula Osprey Professional Baseball Club, Ogren Park at Allegiance Field. This newly completed stadium is located along the Clark Fork River and the wonderful Clark Fork Riverfront Trail. The park is perfectly designed so that when you are sitting in the grandstands you not only get a “birds eye” view of the field, but also have a spectacular view of the river just beyond the out field. The park is also home to a couple of true Osprey that have found their nesting grounds high in left field. This gives fans and concert goers a chance to watch the birds fishing in the river and bringing to back to the chicks in the nest, all for no extra cost.

From the park you can join into the Clark fork Riverfront Trail. This trails meanders right through the downtown area, making a perfect way to connect to a pre-concert dinner in some of our wonderful downtown restaurants.

This Summers Outdoor Concert at Ogren Park will is a sure hit among concert fans. On August 2nd Willie Nelson with join with Lyle Lovett and his Large Band to entertain all ages. Tickets can be purchased through Missoula Osprey’s website.

So plan your trip now and come and see for yourself why Missoula is the place to be in the Summer!

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