Earth Friendly Lodging in Missoula

In honor of Earth Day we thought we would let our readers know that Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast is always looking at ways to decrease our footprint.

Four years ago we started recycling all table water from our meals that we served. We were amazed at the amount of water that we were able to re-use to water house plants and outside planters. This made us passionate about trying not to “throw” water down the drain but instead continue the life of it by giving plants a drink, or in some cases refilling the Mansion Dog’s water dish. We now are able to water the majority of our 18+ planters/hanging baskets that we have with this recycled water.

So this year to continue our recycling water idea we have installed 4 wine barrels to collect our rain water from the gutters. We are excited to see how much water we can recapture to water the gardens through out our summer months.

Gibson Mansion is committed to saving our natural resources and limit the amount of waste we produce. We hope that when you are in Missoula you will be able to stay with us and enjoy our natural beauty as well as join with us in recycling and leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

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