Winter Traveling, Montana Style

Winter has come to Montana and though many may say it is a time to hibernate with the bears, we say don’t miss this wonderful winter wonderland!

Montana has so much to offer to the winter traveler, all you have to decide is how much of an adrenaline rush are you wanting that day. If you are feeling like a relaxing tranquil day, then a simple walking path along the many streams or rivers is the perfect match. Some may be looking for more of a rush, if this is your desire then a back country snowmobile adventure is right up your alley.

Recently our local Glacier Country Tourism took a group on this style of Montana winter adventure. Check out the article December 6,2010 on Glacier Montana Facebook page, titled “Winter Travel Pleasures Montana Style” .

Fly or drive to Missoula, spend the night relaxing in our victorian Montana Mansion. After a great night sleep begin your winter adventure into our breath taking back country or enjoying peaceful cross country skiing less then 5 minutes from our door.

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