University of Montana Football

Many words have tired to describe football season in Missoula. Electric, passionate, contagious. However you describe it nothing compares to experiencing it first hand. The Washington Grizzly Stadium hosts over 25,000 spectators making it the largest stadium in the FCS division, and a design that makes every seat a perfect vantage spot. The stadium is just a part of the experience of game day. Kick it all off with tailgate parties lining Campus drive, a sea of maroon apparel, tons of food, and dedicated fans. The University of Montana prides itself on a action packed game, but the pre-game show is also a crowd pleaser. Whether it be Monte and his pranks, the U of M marching band, or the silver-tip skydivers dropping in on the 50 yard line carrying the American flag for presenting of the colors. Some games you will be rocked from you seat as the Blue Angels do their traditional fly by. After the game the Missoula downtown is alive with fans enjoy the many pubs and fine dining it has to offer. All of this makes for a perfect fall weekend getaway to Missoula.

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