Things to do around Missoula

To continue with the suggestions of things to see and do in Missoula, we recommend a trip to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Majority of our guests say they booked a trip to Montana to see the great outdoors, but more specific they hope to view wildlife…from a safe distance. Montana has a wide variety of wildlife to view but depending on your route and timing it can be hit or miss. With this tour you can see some of that favorite animals, in a safe and controlled environment.

The Elk Country Visitor Center features hands-on conservation and hunting heritage exhibits for all ages. The Center also includes a Lewis and Clark display, a western wildlife diorama, and a state of the art conservation theater. Making this stop more the just another museum tour. You leave feeling like you took a walk through some of the most popular wildlife habits in North America.

The best part is this center is free to the public and open year round, unlike other attractions you don’t have to worry about it being closed during the off season.

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