Yellow-headed Blackbirds arrive at Gibson Mansion

A new king of the bird feeder has been crowned! For the last 7 years the bird feeder at our B & B has had a definite hierarchy. The male Red Winged Black Birds have ruled the house with the sparrow and finches eating the seed thrown out to the peasants below. This last week we had our first Yellow-headed Blackbird and our Red Wings have resigned their throne and joined the peasants at the foot of the feeder.

The male Yellow-headed Blackbird has taken residence in the our poplar trees and love the daily supply of birdseed from our feeder. With the loud and exceedingly harsh call, they appear to be annoucing their kingdom and enjoy flying from one tree to the next surveying the land.

I love this time of year as we watch our migratory birds return to their summer grounds. The gardens are a symphony of bird calls with the variety of birds chiming in to announce their return. The Garden room by far has the best perch to watch and listen to them all, recline on the fainting couch in this room as you gaze out the large picture window into the gardens.

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