They just don’t make Stained glass windows like this anymore.

It takes a guest admiring the stained glass windows in the Mansion to remind me of the beauty and detail they have. It goes back to the idea that if you walk past something everyday and you will not see it anymore.

1903 stained glass window

The vibrant red tulips that are backed up by the greens showcase this magnificent window in our grand staircase. You wonder how anyone could not see this every time they walk past it and look in awe at the artistry. I am sorry to say that is happens to me a lot.

At Christmas when the 19′ Christmas tree is lit up, the stained glass window shines with spectacular colors that are seen from the passing cars. What a treasure for Missoulians.

The windows are original 1903 stained glass that survived the move of the Mansion from Gerald Ave to its present location on 39th St.

Stained glass window that was almost stolen

At the time of preparing the mansion for its move, it was discovered that the shorter window was loose on 3 sides. It was determined that someone was attempting to steal the window from the mansion. Thank goodness the movers realized this and decided that it would be best to remove this window and then re-install it at its new location.

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