Smart Car For Gibson Mansion

Showing the size of my New Smart

It’s about time I share some on the New Car. It is a dream come true for me after I fell in love with this little car about 6 years ago. Our daughter had seen the Smart while on a school trip to Germany and when I saw the pictures I new instantly that I wanted one for the Mansion. So July 28th, 2009 it became a reality. The only sad part was saying goodbye to our Chevy Astro Van that we traded in on the “Cash For Clunkers” program.

Chevy Astro aka The Cardboard Box

The car was originally Blue and Silver, But we decided that living in “Griz Nation” we would have it custom painted Maroon instead. Of course it is the Mansion car so It had to be all Logoed up, including the play on words “Follow me to the SMART place to stay”.

A view From Behind

Peyton Loves to go for rides with the top down, yes it is a convertible, and seeing her tail wag out the back end while driving down the road is a real grin getter. It is way Bigger than it looks as we can fit our Costco Load in it just fine. So if you see us zipping around town be sure to give us a wave.

Big House Little Car

I don’t want to brag to much about an average of 43 MPG so I will leave the Bragging to our Girls.

Bragging Rights

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard comments like…

“How do you fit in that?”

” Do you fold your knees under you to get in?”

” Do you take it as your carry on so you don’t have to rent a car on vacation?”

and the all time most popular


So I guess I have to agree, it is cute, but also so much fun. If you want to see it up close I’d be happy to show it to you.

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