We have reached all 50!

It has finally happened….today our guest checked in from Delaware. That means Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast has had guests from all 50 States!

As we opened for business in June 2001, we decided to keep track with our Large US map of where all our guests have come from. At the end of our first year we have 80% of the States represented and were amazed. The next couple of years filled in all but one lonely State…Delaware. We have been in a holding pattern for over 2 years waiting for that guest to arrive.

So now we are looking International, with our first goal of having a guest from each continent and then one from each country. We will need to check into it and see how we are today on that goal and let you know. We can tell you this…it has been a great time getting to know people from every part of the world!

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