Greenhouse has sprouted!

Greenhouse 2009Despite the cold Missoula spring this year, nature is working overtime in the greenhouse. This year is the biggest crop ever, with 49 flats planted and growing like weeds? One mans weeds are another ones flowers right?

You would think I would have made it an even 50 trays, but the shelves are bursting as is. It always amazes me to plant a seed that is so tiny you cannot pick up just one at a time and then by the end of the summer it is 2 foot tall!

Every year I plant my usual 300 plus zinna’s of all varieties. Then they are the other stables of asters, sunflowers (pollen-less as to not make such a mess on the tables when brought into the house), snap dragons, marigolds (something the deer do not eat), alyssum, black eyed susan vines, bachelor buttons, comos…and the list goes on. I try a new flower every year and this year it is called 4 o’clock. I know really nothing about them so it will be interested to see how they do. It is always fun to see a new style of leaf sprouting.

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