Graduation Season is Here

Deanna's Moment

Deanna's Moment

Over the years we have hosted many families celebrating their sons/daughters graduation from the University of Montana. It is a joyous event, with the parents beaming from ear to ear as they see their child achieve this academic honor. This year was no different in that respect. We had Mom and Dad, Grandma’s from both sides, and the Aunt as well. The house was a buzz with laughter and celebration over their family members big day.

The difference this year was that Tom and I were not around to enjoy and personally host this weekends festivities. Tom and I stepped into the role that we have observed from the sidelines, becoming the grinning and proud parents of a graduate. Our baby graduated from University of Puget sound this past weekend!

It was a grand weekend with mother nature even smiling down on us…beautiful sunny weather in Tacoma,WA…that can be a rare event in itself. As the weekend unfolded with all of the different activities and ceremonies, I found myself reflecting on the past 21 years of my baby’s life. The good and the bad, the ups and downs and to see her now as a young women ready to take on the next journey of her life. I understood the actions I had observed over the years from other parents who had stayed with us. The smile on the face, yet the hint of misty eyes. As we came to the finale of the actual graduation ceremony, I sat in the grand stands and watched as all of our “baby’s” marched in with there black gowns and mortar boards….and yes the misty eyes were everywhere…but also to see grown adults jumping up and down and frantically waving at the sea of graduates trying to get the attention of their baby. It made me realize how we as parents will go to any measure to be apart of our children’s lives even if it means cheering from the sidelines. We are no longer in the director of children’s lives, those years are gone, but instead we are the cheerleaders in there future.

So Congratulations to our you graduates of the classes of 2009, but also congratulations to all you fellow parents out there for your graduation to the sideline.

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