Bird and Breakfast?

Yesterday while cleaning our Garden room I heard a noise coming out of the Sunset room, which was suppose to be empty. I went in and found a Finch had made its way through
the open window and couldn’t figure out how to get out.
After many attempts to get out it found a resting place on the foot of the bed.

With my husband Tom’s help we were able to guide it out the window
where it quickly found its proper bed in one of our poplar trees.

Since purchasing the Gibson Mansion bed and breakfast I have been trying to attract different types of birds into the yard by planting shrubs, flowers, and trees that they are looking for. It has been fun to watch a yard that had no bird life to a place that the sounds of many different chirping calls can be heard.

I must say though when I was trying to attract them to our home I never expected them to actually check into our Bed and Breakfast!

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