Summer Hikes in Misssoula Area

It was a gorgeous weekend, after a week of snow and temperatures in the 40’s, here in the Missoula valley! With clear blue skies and warm sunshine we headed for one of the many day hikes out of Gibson Mansion Bed and Breakfast’s front door.

The early wild flowers in bloom where so spectacular, with the fresh mountain air. The creeks are flowing heavy and COLD with the winter snow melt, it was just warm enough out that it tempted you to stick a toe in the water. However our 8 month old black lab thought it was plenty warm enough to enjoy a dip.

It makes us excited to reach our goal of hiking everyone of the hikes in the book “Day hikes around Missoula Montana” by Robert Stone. There are 85 hikes in this book, all within one hour or less of our front door! We have done probably half of them and love getting out in the great outdoors. The book is great in letting you know what the elevation gain is and how long it will take to do the hike. We did the Larry Creek hike today, and it was a nice easy hike and great to start the season out.

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